Human Biology Honors Symposium Schedule & Location

The 2014 Human Biology Honors Symposium

May 16

Wallenberg Hall teaching theater

10 am - 12:30; 1:00 to 5:30

Wine and cheese reception to follow

Posters available for browsing 5:30 to 6:30

Morning 1: Health care decisions and behavior
10:00 AM Alexandra Heaney     Climate driven migration: understanding health perceptions and help-seeking behaviors of Maasai migrants
10:10 AM McKenzie Wilson       Geospatial patterns of burn injury in Cape Town, South Africa
10:20 AM Jami Haskins             How women in Uganda's Teso subregion make maternal healthcare decisions
10:30 AM Geffan Pearlson        Young Latina women and family planning
10:40 AM Ali Maggioncalda      Religion and resilience in Tanzania

Morning 2: Language and developmental psychology
11:00 AM Chierika Ukogu          Caregiver speech to infants in Senegal: a descriptive study
11:10 AM Laura Soriano            Exploring the perceptual correlates of joint attention: implications for language acquisition
11:20 AM Carolyn Rennels        Parental implicit theories and the health and wellness of chronically ill children
11:30 AM Tara Trujillo                Plasma oxytocin concentrations positively predict cerebrospinal fluid OXT concentrations & negatively predict trait

Morning 3: Cell and molecular biology 1
11:50 AM Deborah Boyett        S. haematobium ova locally alter gene markers of barrier function in the mouse urothelium
12:00 PM Emily Liang               Proviral characteristics and HIV-associated immune activation
12:10 PM Olivia Jew                  Canonical Wnt signaling promotes skin graft survival and angiogenesis
12:20 PM Trevor Mooney          A novel motor protein? Testing the enzymatic activity of the putative ATPase domain of BPAG1n4
12:30 PM Elaine Fisher             Alterations in cortical development underlying autism spectrum disorders

Afternoon 1: Cell and molecular biology 2
1:10 PM Victoria Chang            Understanding the mechanism behind miRNA-mediated direct cellular reprogramming from fibroblast to neuron
1:20 PM Hoa Ngoc Mai              The downstream effects of STAT92E target genes on spermatogenesis in the Drosophila melanogaster testis
1:30 PM Stephanie Yu               Understanding the interaction mechanisms of articular chondrocytes and adipose-derived stem cells
                                                     in the presence of TGF-ß and harnessing their synergy for cartilage tissue engineering
1:40 PM Natasha Abadilla         Uncovering another piece of an important developmental puzzle: The GIPC protein & Hedeghog signaling
1:50 PM Rachel Pedreira           Tumor suppressors pathways and cellular regeneration: the Hippo-Yap pathway in thymic growth & proliferation

Afternoon 2: Public health and education
2:10 PM Jane Evered               “The normal school thing": Exploring the educational experiences of youth with chronic illness
2:20 PM Janelle Teng               Understanding perceptions toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine among postgraduate
                                                   medical students in Singapore
2:30 PM Paulina Escobedo     The Impact of parental health literacy on the health perceptions of children in Hispanic families
2:40 PM Natalie Norton            Does free trade make us fat? The World Trade Organization, liberalization, and the world’s growing waistline

Afternoon 3: Social environment and health
3:00 PM Juan Reynoso             Food and photos
3:10 PM Sophia Colombari Figueroa Improvement of depressive symptoms among low-income Latino immigrants in a behavioral
                                                    weight-loss intervention
3:20 PM Sabrina Layne             Community perspectives on public healthcare services in a South African township
3:30 PM Talia Mahony               Understanding motivation in professional and lay emergency medical care providers              
3:40 PM Maia Mosse                  What and how pre-medical students learn about doctor-patient interaction through service-learning

Afternoon 4: Clinical and demographic effects on health
4:00 PM Kira Seiger                    Access to fertility counseling for reproductive-aged female breast cancer patients treated at Stanford
4:10 PM Claire Hawkins             The incidence of stress injury and the Female Athlete Triad
4:20 PM Scott Livingston           Income and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
4:30 PM Ben King                       The effect of donepezil on cognition in Fragile X Syndrome
4:40 PM Jessie Holtzman          Clinical correlates of childhood onset bipolar disorder

Afternoon 5: Social barriers to health care
5:00 PM Nausheen Mahmood    Understanding the needs, roles, and responsibilities of free clinics in response to the Affordable Care Act
5:10 PM Anjana Bala                   Barriers to HIV testing in migrant populations in France
5:20 PM Louise Lu                      Gut Instincts: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding parasitic intestinal worms in rural China
Poster Reception 5:30-6:30


Wallenberg Hall is near the Oval on the outer quad.  The teaching theater is on the first floor as you enter from the front of the quad.