2009 Commencement Address and Diploma Ceremony Program

Click here to read Bill Abrams' Commencement Address and here to view the program for this year's Diploma Ceremony. NEW Download the Commencement Speech or watch it streaming from the Stanford Community iTunes site.

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Humbio's Johnny Dorsey and Lauren Smith among eight students to receive the 2009 Dean's Award

From the May 13 issue of the Stanford News: "An aspiring plague fighter, a committed social activist and a young scholar of ancient philosophy were among the eight undergraduate students who each recently received a 2009 Deans' Award for Academic Accomplishment... "

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Lia Cacciari wins the Arnice P. Streit Award

Read about Humbio's Student Services Celebrity in the Stanford News

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Josh Nesbit talks about his work on CNN Money

Read CNN Money: Congratulations to HumBio senior Josh Nesbit who has just helped launch HopePhones.org, where you can donate your old phone to a medical clinic in the developing world, and help connect community medical workers to regional hospitals.

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Humbio student wins first place in KaiserEDU.org Essay Contest

Congratulations to Anne Stake, who was chosen as the 1st place undergraduate student prize winner in an essay contest to analyze Obama's proposed health care reforms! Anne’s essay, “Health Care Reform: Is the Devil in the Details?” can be read at kaiseredu.org.

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Adina Glickman: Time Management

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Humbio Faculty News

Visiting Lokey Professor Nathan Wolfe in the Stanford News Read about his Global Viral Forecasting Initiative and book: "The Viral Storm".

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