Mikaela Abeni Kelly and Chase Elliot Richard win Dean's Award

Two of the seven recipients of the Deans' Award for Academic Accomplishment hail from Humbio this year.  Congratulate Mikaela and Chase, who are being recognized for their "exceptional intellectual accomplishments at Stanford University."

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Carol Boggs finds effects of climate change in butterfly population

Humbio Director Carol Boggs research into the effects of early snow melt on The Mormon Fritillary population is the news. Read about it in the Stanford Report and the New York Times Green Blog at the NSF news, etc..

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Humbio Core Posters




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Robert Siegel's Model Marathon: Humans and viruses I and II




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Sarah Mummah (2010) awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Sarah Mummah (Humbio Class of 2010) has been awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.  You can read about what she's done for Palo Alto these past couple years and also her plans for the future  at the University of Cambridge and in the Stanford Report.

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Course Associate (CA) applications

Course Associate (CA) applications for the academic year 2012-2013 are now available:

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Code of best practices for fair use in academic and research libraries

At last, the Librarians Speak...for the full publication, click http://www.arl.org/bm~doc/code-of-best-practices-fair-use.pdf PRINCIPLE: It is fair use to make appropriately tailored course-related content available to enrolled students via digital networks. LIMITATIONS: • Closer scrutiny should be applied to uses of content created and marketed primarily for use in courses such as the one at issue (e.g., a textbook, workbook, or anthology designed for the course).

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