Student Advising: Josh Wong with Shadi Bushra

Student Advisor Josh Wong advises IR and Humbio double major Shadi Bushra. Also see the interview with Josh Wong in Humbio Microdocs, where he talks about his Internships, HBREX, Honors Thesis, and his Haas International Service Fellowship.

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Hiring a TA

You should have received an email concerning TA Hiring from Katherine Preston, but if you no longer have the link, you can find the Ta Hiring Form Part 1 here.

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Honors letter submission

This site accepts letters of support for an honors applicant

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Congratulations to Ellen Porzig (twice!)

Congratulations to Ellen Porzig for winning the Stanford Medical School Kaiser Award for Excellence in Preclinical Teaching and also the Award for Excellence in Faculty Advising in Human Biology! See the faculty awards page.

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Craig Heller Awarded Cuthbertson Prize

"The Kenneth M. Cuthbertson Award recognizes exceptional contributions of all types to Stanford University. The Award, which is open to all members of the Stanford community, is to recognize extraordinary contributions to the achievement of the goals of the University. Such contributions might be, for example, unusually distinguished service to the University, uncommon ingenuity in meeting University objectives, or exceptional intelligence, diligence, and sensitivity in discharging responsibilities. Ordinarily, one award is made each year."

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Congratulations Fulbright Winners!

Andrew Plan (10) Philippines Lauren Finzer (’09) India Lily Kornbluth ('10) Germany Nimi Mastey (’10) India Tom McFadden (’08) New Zealand Sarah Mummah (’10) Mexico

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HumBio students going abroad for their internship need to provide their travel information at the following Bectel International Center web site: "Stanford Students Going Abroad."

The intent of this site is two fold:
1) To provide basic information to students who go abroad from Stanford on non-BOSP related programs.
2) To collect information on these students in case of emergencies.

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Peng Zhang awarded the Pittendrigh Award--and Lauren Smith, the Centennial Teaching Award

You are invited to the annual Human Biology awards ceremony for the presentation of the Human Biology Pittendrigh Award to Peng. The ceremony begins at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 11 in the Papua New Guinea gardens, where all of the Human Biology awards will be recognized. The University Centennial Teaching Awards are presented at a separate University event.

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