HumBio Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunches

This year, HumBio will continue to host quarterly get-togethers where faculty can talk about curricular developments in the program and share their own teaching practices.

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Reunion 2013





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The picnic will be on Thursday July 17th at 5:30 at

662 Mirada Avenue

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Maya Adams' in the New York Times

“Cooking at home adds value to life,” Dr. Maya Adam, a Stanford professor and passionate home cooking advocate, reminded me when we talked earlier this week. “It’s not a subtraction. It’s not puritanical. It has to be simple, it has to work, and it has to be a daily part of our lives, not a high-wire act.”

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Just Cook: A Documentary about Maya Adam's Introduction to Child Nutrition

Just Cook is a 13-minute documentary created by Tim Dang, (B.A. Human Biology '13) and Priya Fielding-Singh (Ph.D.

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Humbio's Morgan Duffy Wins Sterling Award

MORGAN DUFFY has received the Stanford Alumni Association’s 2013 J.E. Wallace Sterling Award for outstanding service to Stanford.  Read about it in the Dish.

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Child Nutrition and Cooking

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Child Nutrition and Cooking

A film about Dr. Maya Adam's Child Nutrition and Cooking class in the Program in Human Biology
Created by Tim Dang and Priya Fielding-Singh © Stanford University, 2013

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Catherine Heaney, Ph.D., M.P.H. wins Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize

The Miriam Aaron Roland Volunteer Service Prize recognizes Stanford faculty who engage and involve students in integrating academic scholarship with significant and meaningful volunteer service to society.

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Carol Boggs Chosen as one of California's top 20 Women Professors

Kudos are in order for our Carol Boggs,  just selected as one of the top 20 women professors in California.  Join me in congratulating, Carol!  Hum Bio will really miss her. 

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