Woods Institute Study Counts Contacts at High School in One Day during Flu Epidemic

From the Stanford Report: "The researchers outfitted each teacher, student and staff member at an unnamed American high school with credit card-size gadgets that transmitted and received radio signals every 20 seconds during one day.  The devices logged more than 760,000 incidents when two people were within 10 feet of each other, roughly the maximum distance that a disease can be transmitted through a cough or sneeze."



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Carol Boggs a 2010 Bass Fellow

The Bass University Fellows in Undergraduate Education Program recognizes faculty for extraordinary contributions to undergraduate education...Read in the Stanford News and at the UAL list of Fellows since 2001.

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The NEW Buzz

Check out the NEW Buzz on the Humbio Website.  Student Advisors will be updating content regularly, and it will be periodically enhanced by Humbio photos and video online.  At the same time, if you are accustomed to reading the Buzz through email you will continue to find the biweekly issues in your Inbox.

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Marcia Stefanick in Gender News

“There is a real discrepancy in mortality rates between the sexes," Humbio Professor Stefanick says, in Gender News from the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.  She will be teaching HUMBIO 140:Sex Differences in Human Physiology and Disease and chairs the national steering and executive committees for the NIH-funded Women’s Health Initiative.

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Stephen Schneider Remembered 1945-2010

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