iPad January

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In the next few weeks I will be offering an iPad Workshop, probably on a Monday or Wendesday at lunch.  You will receive an email shortly, but in the meantime I will review a few recent developments in iPad News.  

More than 3 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store.  I will skip all such similar stats, and sum the trend of user-adoption as "accelerating".  

What is more interesting is how people are experimenting with the mobile device.  Recently, three zoos in the US have given iPads to Ourangutans and, not only do they play games, but they have begun to use facetime and skype to communicate with each other (even between different zoos.)  Its not clear what this "animal model" can show us about ourselves... It takes 15 seconds for a mature ape to destroy an iPad and we can understand mobile devices better by studying them in humans.  Maybe we are the animal model for the non-human primates this time.

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