Bob Siegel's Model Marathon

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After many invitations I was finally able to attend Bob Siegel's Model Marathon for his Humans and Viruses I class this week.  So did some guests from Cantor Museum who will be hosting an exhibit of his students virus models soon, where I suspect they may rest in the dignity of whatever futuristic cases exist in 100 years!  This fall students of HUMBIO155H have crafted marvelous models, involving variously paper, cloth, pipe cleaners, popcorn, beads, buttons, syringes, at least one zipper torn from an old pair of pants, and a generous dollop of gluegun goodness.  Apparently, this model marathon goes way back, and some of the photos of previous classes are available on Bob's website.  All photos on this page are courtesy of Robert Siegel.

Now on exhibit at the Cantor Museum.

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