HumBio Annual Reunion on Homecoming Weekend

Join HumBio on Friday, Oct 24th from 4:30-6:00 pm of Homecoming Weekend in our "new" digs in building 20, across the Main Quad from building 80.

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon re-connecting with our HumBio community. We fired up our brain cells marveling at students' research displays, discovered HumBio treasures trekking around bldg 20 for cool HumBio logo prizes, and best of all we mixed, mingled and ate snacks with HumBio friends. Registration

HumBio Annual Reunions on Homecoming Weekend Thanks alumni, students and faculty for joining us for some fun afternoons at our annual reunions! The HumBio community has enjoyed stimulating conversations, and rousing HumBio mini-trivia games with questions ranging from “Who stole the couch from the HumBio lobby?” to “At what latitudes are you more likely to encounter lactose intolerant populations?”  See pictures of the HumBio Reunion 2013.