2012 Honors Symposium



MAY 25th, 2012


Oak Room East, Tresidder Union


Morning I – 9:30 to 10:30

Public health

  9:30 AM Mia Shaw (readers Lisa Medoff, Jennifer Wolf) − The birds, the bees, and everything in between: Exploring the sex education experiences of African-American college students

  9:40 AM Melanie Hom (readers Cathy Heaney, Cheryl Koopman) − Exploring Stanford undergraduates' responses to personalized normative mental health feedback

  9:50 AM Julia Brownell (readers Rita Popat, Cathy Heaney, Rebecca Willis) − Can schools prevent the next pandemic? Evaluating the effectiveness of school-located influenza vaccination after H1N1

10:00 AM Quyen Vu (readers Eran Bendavid, Paul Wise) − Education: a social vaccine for the HIV epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

10:10 AM Rahael Rohini Gupta (readers Donald Barr, Virginia Visconti) − Deconstructing illness experience: an exploration of how migrant farm workers in Oregon perceive diabetes

10:20 AM Amy Showen (readers Tim Stanton, Paul Wise) − Exploring South African farmwomen’s healthcare access and utilization experiences to optimize National Health Insurance implementation


Morning II – 10:50 to noon

Child and adolescent health

10:50 AM Stacey Christiansen (readers Anne Fernald, Adriana Weisleder, Virginia Marchman) − Talking to children: How speech to 18-month-olds relates to SES and children's language outcomes

11:00 AM Grace Jaeyun Huh (readers Jelena Obradovic, Maya Adam) − The effects of parenting on the dimensions of executive functioning in children

11:10 AM Anna Greer (readers Jennifer Carlson, Cathy Heaney, Rebecka Peebles) − A comparison of medical markers of eating disorder recovery between children and adolescents

11:20 AM Melissa Luu (readers Jennifer Carlson, Cathy Heaney, Rebecka Peebles) − Ethnic differences in median body weight at menstrual resumption in adolescent females with eating disorders

11:30 AM Jessica Pih (readers Jennifer Carlson, Mary Jacobson, Rebecka Peebles) − Varying levels and type of exercise as predictors of clinical severity, medical stability, and recovery of hospitalized ED adolescents

11:40 AM  Denise Johnson (readers Jennifer Carlson, Marcia Stefanick, Rebecka Peebles) − The influence of prior overweight or obese history on disordered eating habits in undergraduate students

 11:50 AM Karyn Haitz (readers Gordon Matheson, Rebecca Shultz, Anne Friedlander) − Test-retest and inter-rater reliability of the Functional Lower Extremity Evaluation (FLEE) for collegiate athletes


Afternoon I – 1:00 to 1:50

Neurobiology and behavior

1:00 PM Sarah Kaewert (readers Bill Durham, Merritt Ruhlen) − Transmission and conservation of the moon spot myth in the Americas: a cultural, geographic, and genetic analysis

1:10 PM Tyler Boyd-Meredith (readers Russ Fernald, Julie DesJardins) − Social information influences physiology in interacting and eavesdropping Astatotilapia burtoni

1:20 PM Donald Neal (readers Karen Parker, David Lyons, Alex Lee) − Characterization of a novel form of oxytocin in New World monkey species

1:30 PM Samuel Peaslee (readers David Lyons, Paul Buckmaster, Theo Palmer) − Sex differences in the impact of stress upon neurogenesis

1:40 PM Pauline Santos (readers Rona Giffard, Russ Fernald, Ludimla Voloboueva) − Mitochondrial protection may downregulate inflammation and oxidative stress to promote the survival of newborn neurons

Afternoon II & III – 2:10 to 3:50

Cell and molecular biology

2:10 PM Jonathan Anh Khoa Tran (readers Anna Penn, Wen-Chun Jimmy Lan ) − The effect of chronic, sublethal hypoxia on hippocampus neuron numbers in a model of neonatal brain injury

2:20 PM Jacqueline To (readers Russ Fernald, Caroline Hu) − Kiss2 development in a socially-regulated vertebrate reproductive system

2:30 PM Blake Williams (readers Russ Fernald, Kapa Lenkov ) − Epigenetic regulation of the GnRH1 gene across the life cycle in Astatotilapia burtoni

2:40 PM Sam Lawrence (readers Raphael Guzman, Russ Fernald) − Treatment of human oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (hOPCs) with human neural progenitor cell (hNPC) conditioned media stimulates hOPC proliferation, maturation, and survival


3:10 PM Chase Richard (readers Sam Cheshier, Irv Weissman, Sid Mitra) − The effect of treatment with anti-CD47 antibody on human brain tumors

3:20 PM Lauren Shih (readers Margaret Fuller, Ellen Porzig, Allyson Spence) − MicroRNAs and the maintenance of stem cell populations in the Drosophila melanogaster testis

3:30 PM Yeji Kim (readers Stuart Kim, Paul Fisher, Xiao Liu) − Understanding changes in gene expression and protein turnover in normal-aging and long-lived mutants in C. elegans

3:40 PM Vanessa Dang (readers Dean Felsher, Paul Fisher, Emelyn Shroff) − Uncovering glutamine metabolism as a part of MYC associated oncogene addiction in renal carcinoma

Afternoon IV – 4:10 to 4:50

Biomedical engineering and imaging

4:10 PM Rachel Vassar (readers Jessica Rose, Naama Barnea-Goraly, Heidi Feldman) − Physiological and neural correlates of neurodevelopment in premature infants

4:20 PM Mai Nguyen (readers Garry Gold, Brian Hargreaves) − Quantitative assessment of cartilage using CubeQuant

4:30 PM Daniel Bui (readers Joseph Liao, Yvonne Maldonado) − Emerging microtechnology for rapid detection of urinary tract diseases

4:40 PM Lauren Platt (readers Niaz Banaei, Robert Siegel, Madeline Slater) − Sensitivity and specificity of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube with addition of pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPS) in diagnosing active Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection