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Visiting Lokey Professor Nathan Wolfe in the Stanford News Read about his Global Viral Forecasting Initiative and book: "The Viral Storm".

With historian Estelle Freeman, Anne Firth Murray will co-host a the launch (Oct 12) of the PBS series "Women, War & Peace."

You can read their position statements at Thinking Twice: Women and War

In his ongoing effort to make a tree of all human languages, Meritt Ruhlen coauthors the Origin and Evolution of Word Order (Oct, 2011)

Marcia Stefanick presents for Community on Aging Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) "Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Disease"This April in San Francisco Russ Fernald presents for the Science Literacy Project: What Do We Know About the Brain and How Do We Know It?

Eunice Rodriguez coauthors a paper on childhood obesity  in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

Don Barr's book Questioning the Premedical Paradigm, published by the Johns Hopkins University Press, reviewed in JAMA.

Dan Salkeld in the News: lead author of PNAS study on mouse reservoirs of Plague Core Faculty Firdaus S. Dhabhara publishes on a benefit of short-term stress to the immune system:"Short-term stress enhances cellular immunity and increases early resistance to squamous cell carcinoma"

Laurence Baker joins the Core Faculty teaching in the Spring.  Read his "The contribution of health plans and provider organizations to variations in measured plan quality" (2010)

Michael Mastrandrea and Stephen Schnieder's book, "Preparing for Climate Change" is out (Oct 2010)

James Gross and Robert Sapolsky experts on the PBS series The Emotional Life's, Episode 2: Facing Your Fears

Jennifer Wolf Receives Dinkelspiel

D. Scott Smith's Google Tech Talk on Travel Medicine: preparing a traveler using vaccines, medicines and knowledge to avoid disease when abroad. He was also recently on Tyra Banks show about Gross People!

Carol Boggs in the Sep/Oct 2009 issue of Stanford Magazine:
Regarding the reintroduction of the Bay checkerspot butterfly to Jasper Ridge: "If a reintroduction attempt goes forward, it will likely be led by Professor Carol Boggs, director of the program in human biology and former director of Stanford's Center for Conservation Biology (established by ecologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich in 1984)."

Have you read Larry Zarroff's occasional writing in the New York Times?
His most recent, "A Scare Forever Etched" resembles a story he might ask students to read in his autumn seminar: HUMBIO 99Q: Becoming a Doctor: Readings from Medical School, Medical Training, Medical Practice. A physician learns to make judgments from experience, but fiction and theater can also present difficult cases for students to discuss.

Dean's Office awards Shirely Feldman a Dinkelspiel, for 35 years of service to undergraduates at Stanford.  She will retire as Assistant Director of the Program in Human Biology and Katherine Preston will begin September 2008.

Darwin's Legacy is one of the most popular video series on Stanford Youtube.  With Humbio faculty Bill Durham, Jeff Wine, Craig Heller, Carol Boggs, Melissa Brown, Stanley Falkow, and Russ Fernald.

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