Faculty Timeline

  if advisee is applying this year (usually junior year) if advisee is in the thesis year (usually senior year)
Autumn Quarter Students will be developing their research interests with faculty guidance. Seniors will be writing their literature review with advice from faculty mentors.
Faculty should send an email approving the literature review to Lia Cacciari (lcacciari@stanford.edu).
Early Winter Quarter Students will solicit faculty to be first and second readers (first readers are e.g. mentors, research advisors). Students will be finishing data collection.
Mid Winter Quarter First readers should begin meeting regularly with students as they refine their questions and apply for honors. Faculty are encouraged to read proposal drafts closely and suggest ways to improve the proposal.
A letter of support from the first reader is due to the UAR March 1 (see UAR guidelines). The same letter should be submitted to the Honors Program on March 1, 2013.
Faculty should expect students to need more frequent attention as they analyze their data and synthesize results.
Late Winter Quarter   Both first and second readers should provide comments on thesis drafts as needed.
Early Spring Quarter First readers and applicants should discuss reviewers’ comments in depth. Faculty advice is essential in the case of resubmissions. First and second readers will receive a first serious thesis draft by April 19, 2013. Mentors and students should discuss comments on the draft and talk about strategies for presenting the poster. Final thesis drafts are due May 17, 2013
Late Spring Quarter   The Honors Symposium and wine and cheese reception will be held on Friday of the 8th week of the quarter. Faculty are encouraged to attend.
Both readers will fill in evaluation forms for the final honors thesis.

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