Recent Firestone Medal* winners from Human Biology


Emily Liang: “Association between latent proviral characteristics and Immune activation in antiretroviral-treated HIV type 1-infected adults”; Catherine Blish & David Katzenstein, School of Medicine
Louise Lu: “Gut instincts: knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding parasitic intestinal worms in rural China”; Scott Rozelle, FSI-FSE & Julie Parsonnet, School of Medicine
McKenzie Wilson: “Geospatial patterns of burn injury in Cape Town: GIS analysis of burn-related ambulance dispatches”; Timothy Stanton, BOSP & Bob Siegel, School of Medicine


Michael Diaz: “Analyzing the psychophysiological correlates of posttraumatic growth in metastatic breast cancer patients”; David Spiegel, Firdaus Dhabhar, & Arianna Aldridge-Gerry, Psychiatry
Elise Geithner: “Medical Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
in pediatric intensive care patients at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital”; Lisa Medoff, Human Biology & Richard Shaw, Psychiatry (Winner of the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize in the Social Sciences)
Stephen Matzat: “Quantitative MR assessment of hip articular cartilage damage in patients with femoroacetabular impingement”; Garry Gold, Radiology & Marc Safran, School of Medicine

Vanessa Dang: "Uncovering glutamine metabolism as a part of MYC associated oncogene addiction in renal carcinoma"; Dean Felsher, Paul Fisher, Emelyn Shroff, Stanford School of Medicine. (Winner of the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize in the Natural Sciences)
Amy Showen: "Exploring South African farmwomen’s healthcare access and utilization experiences to optimize National Health Insurance implementation"; Tim Stanton, BOSP, and Paul Wise, Pediatrics.
Jaqueline To: "Kiss2 development in a socially-regulated vertebrate reproductive system"; Russ Fernald and Caroline Hu, Biology.

Autumn Albers: "Identifying the barriers to condom use in rural Papua New Guinea"; Cathy Heaney and Jennifer Wolf, Human Biology.
Lee Love-Anderegg: "Linking tree ecohydrology, drought seasonality, and forest mortality"; Joe Berry, Carol Boggs, and Rodolfo Dirzo, Biology. (Winner of the David M. Kennedy Honors Thesis Prize in the Natural Sciences)
Elisa Zhang: "Faster-ageing strain of Nothobranchius furzeri fish regenerates a greater length of tail tissue upon partial injury than slower-ageing strains do"; Anne Brunet, Genetics and Russ Fernald, Biology.

Evan Chen: "Investigating the mechanism of differentiation in hepatocellular carcinoma upon MYC inactivation"; Dean Felsher, and Paul Fisher, Medicine.
Allison Rhines: "Social network effects in cultural evolution among rural-urban migrants in China"; Marcus Feldman, Biology and Melissa Brown, Anthropology.
Lauren Shapiro: "Isotropic MRI of the healthy shoulder with 3D-FSE-Cube"; Garry Gold, Radiology and Gordon Matheson, Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.
Lauren Wood: "Learning in fish: Why such different outcomes?"; Russ Fernald and Julie DesJardins, Biology.

Bria Long: "Memory and descriptions for causal events in Japanese speakers"; Lera Boroditsky, and Herb Clark, Psychology.
Lauren Smith: "Interferon treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever"; Kate Rubins, Whitehead Institute, and Robert Siegel, Microbiology and Immunology.
Cheuk Tam: "Dissecting the cellular timer: a screen for genes involved in D. melanogaster TA cell counting"; Margaret Fuller and Roeland Nusse, Developmental Biology.

Rebecca Grossman-Kahn: "Integral and Invisible: The Role and Role Perceptions of Community Health Workers in Northeast Brazil"; Donald Barr, Sociology, and Catherine Heaney, Psychology and Stanford Prevention Research Center.
William Love Anderegg: "The Butterfly Effect: The Response of Riparian Bird Diversity to Climate Change and Human Development"; Terry Root, Woods Institute for the Environment, and Carol Boggs, Human Biology.

Amelia Hausauer: "Declines in Breast Cancer Incidence in the United States by Age, Race/Ethnicity and Tumor Subtype, 1992-2004"; Christina Clarke Dur and Paul Fisher, School of Medicine.
Michael Susman: "The Role of Glia-Related Synaptic Proteins in Experience-Dependent Cortical Plasticity"; Ben Barres and Jeffrey Wine, Psychology.

Stephanie Mika: "Seeking a Referent or Fleeing a Mismatch: How Should We Interpret Children's Eye Movements in a Preferential Looking Procedure?"; Anne Fernald and Virginia Marchman,Psychology
Felipe Perez: "Rhythmic Regulation of Retina Progenitor Cell Production by Clock Gene Through Proliferation of Cellular Nuclear Antigen"; Russell Fernald and Sheng Zhao, Biological Sciences
Krista Rappahahn: "Identification of Novel and Recurrent Exonic Deletions in the CFTR Gene of Hispanic Cystic Fibrosis Patients"; Iris Schrijver, Pathology, and Paul Fisher, Neurology and Neurological Sciences, and Pediatrics

*The Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research is awarded University-wide to graduating students for honors projects in engineering and the social, physical and natural sciences.


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