Brown Bag iPad Workshop on Research Apps: Monday the 29th, Noon, 50-51A

Next Monday (October 29th) I will be collaborating with the Anthro ATS Claudia Engel and the Subject Specialist for Anthro Regina Roberts on a Brown Bag Ipad Workshop which will focus on research apps. In particular I will be showing Papers, which is available as both an iPad app and as a desktop application, which can sync with the mobile app. Papers can help with many of the bibliographic tasks, the Zotero addon for Firefox helps us with now, and also save primary source papers as PDFs, annotate these, and save searches of authors, journals, and labs, so these can be easily refreshed to check what new has been published in the future.

Monday October 29th, 2012,

12:00-1:05 pm Conference Room,

Building 50, Room 51A

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