Note from Interim Director Paul Fisher

Dear Human Biology Students,

This year I have the honor of directing the Program while Carol Boggs is on a well-deserved sabbatical.  I’m really looking forward to the task.  I’m a Human Bio product myself, class of ’84, with my area of concentration back in the day “Social Aspects of Child Development.”  I did a stint as head TA for the B-side of the Core, before leaving Stanford in 1985 for UCSF, Johns Hopkins, and Penn.  I’ve been back on the Farm since 1997, in the medical school where I practice neurology and oncology, and I bring much of that work to life in my winter quarter class, Human Biology 154, “Cancer Epidemiology.”  So, this year you will find me all over the campus, inside and outside Building 20 in the Quad, and even sometimes in the Core.  I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Also our fall newsletter will be online soon and linked in an upcoming Buzz.  It will feature the diversity that is so HumBio.  You will hear about faculty old and new as well as recent and past alumni.  The achievements are impressive. 

One last note: do save the date of October 5 4:30 – 6:30 pm, the annual Human Biology reunion on the Friday of Homecoming Weekend, 2012. This is a great opportunity to re-ignite connections between members of our HumBio community. Please plan to join us!

To great things ahead,


Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics

Interim Director, Program in Human Biology

The Beirne Family Professor of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology

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