Note: you need Java enabled in order to play the game. Instructions for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Chrome does not support Java 7.
We're in beta-testing mode! Please provide feedback and report bugs or crashes here. Thank you!
COMING SOON: a mobile device version for iOS, Android, and Kindle!
Cancer Avenger is a free game developed at Stanford University to support the Human Biology Core's cell cycle and signaling unit. Designed by a former Human Biology Course Associate, the game engages you in the details of cell cycle control, cell to cell communication, and their applications to cancer biology.
Game Development Team:
  • Designer: Ariel Marcy
  • Web Game Developer: Jordan Marcy
  • Mobile Device Developer: Dustin Selman
  • Composer: Zach Rosen
Stanford Faculty Advisors:
  • Roel Nusse (Med school)
  • Jonathan Edelman (
  • Carol Boggs (HumBio)
  • Matt Scott (Med school)
With many thanks to the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Hoagland Award Fund for Innovations in Undergraduate Teaching, and The Huttons for support and funding!