Humbio Future

Looking Ahead

HumBio’s first 40 years saw the establishment of this exciting new innovative program, a rapid early growth spurt and then our gradual maturation as a leading interdisciplinary program at Stanford. Where might the next years take us? As student interests, the world knowledge and technological base, and societal problems continue to evolve, HumBio must be ready to prepare students to meet new challenges. Our goal is to continue to stay on the frontier of education, while maintaining the unique HumBio identity. To do this, the next very few years will bring a re-evaluation of some of the material in our core courses, to ensure that we are providing students with an appropriate background in the social sciences in particular. We also plan to examine our internship requirement. Can it be strengthened to provide an even better learning experience for students? We are incorporating new technology in support of pedagogy into a number of our courses. We are sponsoring lively evening seminars for HumBio students, the Stanford community, and the public. We continue to look for ways to create a "small major" feel within a large major, and the recent senior class "Abnormal Formals" at the end of the school year are one step in that direction. Finally, we continue to reach out to vibrant faculty interested in undergraduate teaching throughout the university. In the end, it is the students and the faculty who are the Program in Human Biology, along with our amazing and growing group of alumni.

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