• Walter Scheidel on the Evolution of Societies
    Described as “intellectually generous,” Scheidel is a welcome addition to the HumBio core. Scheidel was recently named the Catherine R. Kennedy and Daniel L. Grossman Fellow in Human Biology, and teaches the component of the HumBio core that addresses the development of societies. The challenge, says Scheidel, is getting students to understand that the same framework biologists use to understand evolution can be applied to the evolution of culture and societies as well.
    Read more in the fall 2013 newsletter.

  • Hillary Streeter (HB '14) Explores Gender Stereotypes in "Crossing the Line"
    Streeter, a recipient of the Bingham Fund for Student Innovation in Human Biology, explores issues of gender stereotypes in sports for LGBT students. Her film was shown during panel discussion events at both Cal Berkeley and Stanford (yeah, she is a great sport!). Watch this 10 minute film through Stanford University Archives.

  • Where’s Corey Now?
    From chillin’ (his core temp) to parachuting from an airplane, to flying a fighter plane with 4+ g-forces pressing down on him,Corey Dysick (HB '13), Exercise Physiology Project Coordinator, is providing a body of data for Anne Friedlander’s Exercise Physiology class. Friedlander says, “bodies are amazing machines,” and she aims to engage her students in deeper learning as they watch and predict how Corey's vital signs will respond to a variety of stress adventures. Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle and Stanford Report.

  • Alex Heaney (HB '14) & Ali Maggioncalda (HB '14) in front of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
    Heaney and Maggioncalda in honorable pursuit, spent their summer gathering data for their honors research projects. Heaney's focus was on health seeking behaviors of the Massai, and Maggioncalda surveyed rural Muslims and Christians (in Swahili) to see how resilience and religious belief were related. Read their reflections in the spring 2014 newsletter.


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