The Internship is 4 units, which amounts to 120 hours of work (each unit is 3 hours of work per week for 10 weeks, which totals 30 hours per unit). It is not possible to gain duplicate units of credit if one participates in field work, internships, lab research, practicums, etc., which are required for another course. A maximum of 4 units may be received for the internship, regardless of whether more than 120 hours of work have been completed. The credit may be spread out over a maximum of two quarters. The credit given for the Internship is S/NC only.

Students sign up on AXESS for units under HUMBIO 197, Section 2 (Instructor "Fisher"). Please note that entering your internship proposal in the Internship Proposal Registry will NOT automatically sign you up in AXESS - you need to do that separately.

If you sign up for credit for a particular quarter on your study list, but do not complete the internship, you do not need to sign up for additional units later on. You will receive unit credit, however, only when the proposal is turned in to Student Services, you present your poster, and your internship supervisor submits an evaluation for your internship to Student Services. (The units remain unrecorded on your transcript until the internship is complete.)